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Oxalic acid, anhydrous, 98% CAS 144-62-7

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Properties :
Orthorhombic colorless crystals from water. Mp: 101.5° (anhyd) 189°, d: 1.65 @ 18.5°/4°. Very sol in H2O; mod sol in EtOH; spar sol in Et2O. IDLH 500 mg/m3.
Formula :
Melting Point :
189-191 °C
Synonyms :
Ethanedioic acid ,Oxalic Acid 99.6%;industry grade Oxalic acid;Oxalic acid, Ethanedioic acid, Dicarboxylic acid;Anhydrous oxalic acid;Oxaluria;Acido ossalico;Aquisal;Oxagel;Ethanedioic acid (9CI);EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 009601;Oxiric acid;Acide oxalique;Aktisal;Kyselina stavelova;Oxalic acid anhy.;Oxalic acid anhydrous;Oxalic Acid Dihydrate;
Boiling Point :
365.099 °C at 760 mmHg
Density :
1.772 g/cm3
Flash Point :
188.79 °C
Appearance & Physical State :
Odorless white solid
Transport Information :
UN 3261 8/PG 3
Product Note :
Oxalic acid, anhydrous, 98%

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