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Sodium tetraphenylboron

  • CAS: 143-66-8
  • Purity: 98%
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  • Product Details

Product Overview

  • Product NameSodium tetraphenylboron
  • CAS No:143-66-8
  • Alias:Borate(1-),tetraphenyl-, sodium (8CI,9CI);Kalibor;Kalignost;Kariporu K;Sodiumtetrakis(phenyl) borate;Sodium tetraphenylborate(NaPh4B);Sodium tetraphenylborate(1-);Sodiumtetraphenylboride(1-);Tetraphenyl boron sodium salt;Tetraphenyl sodium borate;
  • Molecular formula:C24H20BNa
  • Molecular Weight:342.22
  • Purity:98%
  • Appearance:white powder

Physicochemical Properties

  • Appearance and Character:white powder
  • Density:1.15 g/cm3
  • Melting point:300 °C
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