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Purchasing Service Guarantee

1Stable Supply:Stable supply throughout the year, product delivery on time, full refund for delayed delivery.

2Quality Assurance:The platform transaction will follow up throughout the procedure, and the quality is controlled. If the quality is inconsistent or defective, we will refund you in full amount.

3Safety of Trade:The platform guarantees full payment and guarantees transaction security.

Our Advantages

R&D Capabilities and Production Technology

The platform has teams of R&D and production project management teams of over 1000 professionals. It has rich R&D technology resources and commercial production management experience to provide customers services with high efficiency and high capacity, saving the customers time and cost. We have successfully provided customers the R&D of various intermediates of up to 32-step reaction synthesis and the BPC production of up to 20-step compound synthesis industrial production.

Complete Production Facility

Our company has different sizes of advanced multi-functional reactors, flexible production resources and GMP production capacity, as well as multi-purpose reactors from 50L to 5000L in different volumes. It can carry out large-scale industrial high-pressure hydrogen reaction (maximum pressure 26MPa). High temperature reaction (maximum temperature 300 degrees, low temperature reaction (minimum temperature -100 degrees, witting reaction, Grignard reaction, asymmetric synthesis, air and water sensitive reaction, metallic catalyst, redox reaction, etc. In addition, an advanced platform is established to support the grinding and crystallizing, liquid chemistry and bio-catalytic production from laboratory to commercial production.

Production Facilities

  • R&D Centers(258)

  • Pilot bases(85)

  • Production bases(65)